Nice to meet you, I’m Enrico Portolan.

I am a seasoned API Communication Strategist, dedicated to driving innovation and growth through effective customer communication strategies. My expertise lies in harnessing the transformative potential of APIs, with a specific focus on message and video technologies. Over the years, I've held a variety of roles, transitioning from a Full-stack Developer to a Solutions Engineer Team Lead, gaining valuable experience and insights in technology and communication sectors.

Having co-founded a successful tech venture and led solution engineering teams, I understand the challenges businesses face in optimizing their customer interactions. I believe that effective communication is a cornerstone of customer satisfaction and business growth, and APIs offer powerful tools to enhance this crucial area.

In my consultancy, I draw upon my diverse experience and deep knowledge of APIs to provide tailored advice and strategies to clients. My mission is to help businesses transform their customer engagement, fostering better relationships and driving business growth. By utilizing the power of message and video APIs, I aim to create dynamic, interactive communication experiences that meet the unique needs of each client.